Miqësia, dansk – albansk forening

An evening by the Lake Ohrid

Miqësia is friendship in Albanian

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The Albanian Embassy in Denmark and the municipality of Pogradec are the hosts of

An evening by the Lake Ohrid

in Kedelhallen, Frederiksberg Kommune, Saturday 19' March 2005 at 20.00 hrs.



Sandri and Ermira

- a glass of raki

- a visit to a photo-exhibition from Pogradec town and the lake

- welcoming speeches of Qemal Minxhozi, the head of mission of the Albanian Embassy, and Artan Shkembi, the Mayor of Pogradec

- 10 minutes film on Albania in general and the Pogradec-area

- some delicacies and the Koran fish will be prepared by the chef, Ruzhdi Selko, and served at the table with red and white wine from the area. Afterwards a piece of cake, coffee and a glass of the Skanderbeg-brandy

- a serenadeconcert of the trio Ermira Babaliu (song), Sandri Kotonika (guitar) and Bruno Qerimi (harmony); Ermira and Sandri are from the area, Bruno from Tirana

- the ballet couple Jonida Onuzi and Edi Blloshmi

- the participants will have the chance to dance too

At the end a "lottery"-game with surprises

Jonida Onuzi and Edi Blloshmi
Pogradec and the Lake Ohrid

The Albanian city of Pogradec stretches along the shore of the Lake Ohrid. One part of the lake is Albanian, the other Macedonian.

On the east side of the lake, the »Dry Mountain« or »Mali i Thale« reaches 2,200 meter. In almost all the seasons you will find snow on the top. The Lake Ohrid is the deepest of the Balkan lakes.

Traces of antiquity are testimonies of ancient and medieval civilizations. You can find such traces at the Monumental Cemetery of Selca (4' century BC), 30 km from Pogradec.

The Bridge of Goliku is a segment of the famous Roman road from Rome to Constantinople.

In the Lin peninsula you will find mosaic's dating from the VI-VII Century.

Among the peculiarities is the oldest and rarest kind of fish in the world, the Koran. The Koran is living only in Lake Ohrid and the Bajkal Lake in Russia. Living only in the deepest and cleanest waters, the Koran is enjoyed for its delicious meat.

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