Miqësia, dansk – albansk forening

Dansk minerydningsprojekt

i albansk »top-channel-tv« maj 2004

Miqësia er albansk og betyder venskab

Kontaktadresse: information@miqesia.dk

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It is a very special way the Danes have chosen how to support the people in need in Albania.

Lars and Lone are very wellknown names in Denmark. Recently a Danish Church-Foundation has started a very interesting campaign with the participation of 9 Lars and 9 Lone to collect money for demining the area of Has in the Northern part of Albania.

The 18 »ambassadors of peace« are prominent figures of Danish society. One of them is the Minister of Internal Affairs and Health mr. Lars Løkke Rasmusen.

The campaign will end at the first of November, but the result until now are quite promising. 200.000 Euro have been collected so far, and the expectations are for a double amount at the end of the campaign.

A lot of artists are contributing to this campaign. Postcards, shirts have been designed for it. Quite interesting is the statue of a little girl, that is presented twice a week in the Danish daily »Politiken«.

The Albanian embassy in Copenhagen is supporting the campaign too.

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