Letter of Intent

Falcks Redningskorps and Copenhagen Firebrigade

The Republic of Albania


(Hereinafter referred to as the Parties)



Falck Redningskorps and City of Copenhagen represented by Copenhagen Firebrigade express with this Letter of Intent the interest in entering into further dialogue of preparing a temporary expedient programme (“the Programme”) to The Republic of Albania.


The Programme is intended to consist of the transfer of non-operational vehicles from Falcks Redningskorps and Copenhagen Firebrigade to The Republic of Albania. The intention with the Programme is that the transferred vehicles are to be used a part of the daily operations of emergency/rescue services in The Republic of Albania.


It is expected that the value of the provided fire and rescue material will be more than 3,5 mills EURO in the period.


The intentions of Falcks Redningskorps are:


§         To contribute to the Programme with vehicles considered being non-operational by Falcks Redningskorps.


This includes approximately 8 ambulances per year and other non-operational vehicles, which Falcks Redningskorps believes will contribute positively to the Programme.


§         To be part of The Programme for a time-limited period of two (2) years from the date of this agreement.


§         To enter into dialogue with Copenhagen Firebrigade and The Republic of Albania about an extension of Falcks Redningskorps’ participation in the Programme beyond two years.


 The intentions of Copenhagen Firebrigade are:


§         To provide fire and rescue material for Albania.

§         To train Albanian fire and rescue teams how to use the material provided.

§         To advising the Albanian fire and rescue authorities how to construct structure in building up the fire and rescue readiness and the training of the teams on manual, second and first fire chief level.

The intentions of The Republic of Albania are:


§         To make the relevant reconstructions of the existing building of the fire brigades in Albania.

§         To show willingness of the staff training and making the needed changes in Albanian Legislation.

§         The Ministry of Health of Albania to make a distribution plan for the ambulances and the training of the people for using different equipments in these ambulances.

§         In co-operation between the involved parties to make a plan for achieving the objectives.


The Parties agree that the Programme is aimed at, but not limited to, the transfer of non-operational vehicles. In case the Parties finds it appropriate other companies, organisations etc. can be invited to join the Programme. 


The Parties agree that agreement about the Programme will not restrict Falcks Redningskorps or Copenhagen Firebrigade from co-operating with other companies, organisations, states etc. in regard to any temporary expedient programme that may or may not include a transfer of non-operational ambulances or other vehicles.




19th September 2003









City of Copenhagen







The Republic of Albania


Copenhagen Firebrigade

Fire Chief

Falck Redningskorps

Rescue Director