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Performance of the Albanian Academy of Dance in Denmark

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Qemal Minxhozi led off

The Albanian Academy of Dance gave a performance in »Askov Hoejskole« Wednesday 20th. and in »Lyngby Kulturhus« Tuesday 21st. October 2004.

The classic ballet the »Giselle«
was on the programme and was received very well by the audience.

Cf.: http://www.ballet.org.uk/reference/notes/giselle/story.html about the plot of the ballet.

The members of the diplomatic corps and the members of the Miqësia were invited to the performance in Lyngby and to the reception afterwards.

All available tickets were bought by ballet entusiasts.



Presentation of the Albanian Academy of Dance:

Albanian Dance Academy was founded on 1957 by a group of students who have been graduated in the best dancing school of the world at Bolshoi theatre, Russia.

From that time up to now at about 16.800 students have accomplished their studies offering tones and nuances to our national professional dance.

The Albanian Dance Academy has performed a great number of scenic opera of classic and modern dance repertory either Albanian or foreign as: - Nutcrackers - Giselle - Carmen - Sleeping beauty - Halili and Hajrija - Mountain Girl - Kids and the wolf - Franceses da Rimini - Life Paradox - Burned bird and much others.

Albanian Dance Academy has a various international activity and it holds 20 international awards as in Turkey, Greece, China, Norway, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Spain etc. Thanks to an artistic discipline, students are submitted to programs equivalent to best dance schools and academies in the world. Consequently, at about 200 former students of this dance academy work as first or second soloists in some of most prestigious theatres all over the world.

There are 208 students in this academy where the principal direction is the dance divised in three disciplines:

a. Classic dance
b. Albanian and foreign dances
c. Modern or contemporary dances

One of the most successful performance of this academy is "Giselle" ballet, performed for the 1-st time in June 2004, in Italy, in the version of Grigorevic and with first Soloist Alexandra Ferri.

Departamenti i Baletit / Dance Department
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